Saturday, 6 August 2011

Herman Dune - Vienna 2011-06-15

Herman DUNE "Wonderful Lies"

Chelsa Bar, Vienna, Austria 2011-06-15
Soundboard  -  iRiver HP120


01 The Rock
02 Where Is The Man?
03 Lay Your Head On My Chest
04 Your Name, My Game
05 Tell Me Something I Don`t Know
06 Your Love Is Gold
07 I Wish That I Could See You Soon (for ak)
08 Ah Hears Strange Moosic
09 When We Were Friends
10 Next Year In Zion
11 My Home Is Nowhere Without You
12 Shadow Of A Doubt
13 My Joy
14 Magician
15 Encore Break
16 Not On Top
17 I Want To Be Your Man

Pics: Gert Kragol
Dedicated to Saint Lo!

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