Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Chris & Carla - Hartberg, Austria - 2008-02-28

 "Spring Is Returning"

Rittersaal, Schloss Hartberg, Austria

Source: Soundboard - iRiver HP120

01 The Twilight`s Last Dreaming
02 Radiant
03 Inauguration Day
04 Long Slow River
05 Feast Or Famine
06 Bordertown
07 Death At Low Water
08 The Light Will Stay On
09 Take Me
10 Things We Should Have Known
11 More Heat Than Light
12 Raise Them Hands
13 Ice Station Zebra
14 encore
15 Fuck Your Fear (Let`s Pray For Obama) / Ghostrider
16 Salad Days
17 second encore
18 Will You Still Miss Me When I`m Gone

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  2. Hey Niko:

    Thanks so much for re-upping this on Mediafire. Did you get the list of Walkabouts and Chris & Carla boots I e-mailed you? If so, don't hesitate to drop me a line if there's any you want. If you didn't get it for some reason, I'd be happy to re-send.