Monday, 28 November 2011

Dirtmusic - Ebensee, Austria - 2008-04-25

"Meet Me By The Lake"

Kino Ebensee, Austria

feat. Chris Eckman, Hugo Race, Chris Brokaw

Source: Soundboard - iRiver HP120
All credits: Niko Springstein

01 The Returning (fade in)
02 Erica Moody
03 The Other Side
04 Sun City Casino
05 Band Intro
06 Summerdays
07 Still Running
08 New Caledonia
09 Mayflies
10 Ready For The Sign
11 Face Of Evil
12 Wasted On
13 Panther Hunting
14 Ballad Of A Dream
15 Morning Dew
16 Encore
17 Smoking Bowl
18 My Diviner (The Walkabouts)
19 No Sorrow More
20 I`m Waiting For My Man (Lou Reed)



  1. Hi Niko
    Now I'm addicted to your blog. Thx again for The Chris & Carla's gig in Barcelona. A Treat
    Could U please re open this link I'm sure it's a killer
    Many thx in advance, your blog is the perfect place for The Walkabouts & lineage fans
    All the best, cheers for your labour of love Philippe

  2. Hi Niko
    Another great show. A huge ta to spread Chris side projects
    So nice of U to compile all those are boots from an underrated band.
    You deserve a gold star
    Thx & thx again for your precious help
    All the best from Corsica

    1. Please send me again your email-addy! Thx