Thursday, 22 December 2011

Chris ECKMAN - Munich, Germany - 2004-05-05

"Don`t Keep Playing"

Orangehouse, Munich , Germany

All credits: Peter H2H
Artwork: Niko Springstein

Source: Soundboard & Audience Matrix

01 Up In The Graveyard
02 Crystalline
03 Healing Waters Of The Flood
04 Death At Low Water
05 Fadista
06 Ghostface
07 Last Tears
08 Grand Theft Auto
09 Intrusions
10 Low Country
11 Forever Gone
12 Cover Of Darkness
13 Life: The Movie
14 Why Can`t I Touch It?
15 Straight To The Stars
16 Funny How Time Slips Away
17 Revolution Blues

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  1. Hi Niko
    Hello From Corsica a wee island in the South of France not too far from Slovenia
    How are U today !!! It's me again Sorry I don't want to hassle U but Ur blog is a magnet. Now I'm completely addicted
    Any chance to re open this gig especially for the last track ?
    Many thx in advance for your precious help
    All the Best, Cheers