Sunday, 22 January 2012

Chris ECKMAN - Vienna, Austria - 2008-09-29

"Leaves Fall On Grafton Street"

Chelsea Bar, Vienna, Austria

Supporting Steve Wynn & The Dragon Bridge Orchestra

Source: Soundboard - iRiver HP 120

01 Intro / Tuning
02 Down Down
03 Hours
04 Stranger
05 Ransom
06 Eyes
07 Healing Waters Of The Flood


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  1. Hi Niko:

    I just stumbled across your blog looking for Walkabouts tour recordings. What a treasure trove! Unfortunately most of the older ones were upped to Megaupload, now deceased.

    Any plans to re-upload to, say, Mediafire? That would be much appreciated. I have a raft of Walkabouts and Chris & Carla live recordings should there be any you're looking for. Happy to send you what I have.

    Also, in a moment of shameless self-promotion, invite you to check out my blog at:

    and my mixes (as Fray D. Jay) at the podcast site below:

    Thanks in anticipation of hearing from you.