Thursday, 8 August 2013

Duke Special - Vienna, Austria 2013-07-22

"Nothing You Could Do Can Bring Me Round""

Haus der Musik, Vienna, Austria

Peter Wilson - Piano, Vocals
Ben Castle - Sax, Clarinet, Vocals
Paul Wilkinson - Guitar
Chip Bailey - Drums, Percussion

Source: Soundboard
Taper: Hoegert

01 Lose My Breath
02 As Good As It Get´s
03 Apple Jack
04 Last Night I Nearly Died (But I Woke Up Just In Time)
05 Freewheel
06 Brixton Leave
07 I Worn My Elbows Down To The Bone For You (by Ivor Cutler)
08 Wanda, Darling Of The Jockey Club (by Neil Hannon)
09 Alabama Song (by Brecht/Weill)
10 Shining Light (For Ulli) (Ash Cover)
11 Salvation Tambourine
12 Why Does Anybody Love?
13 "Duke Special Needs A Pee"
14 I Let You Down
15 Condition
16 Hand Of Man
17 Mister Nobody
18 Band Intro > Diggin` An Early Grave
19 Encore
20 Old Man River
21 Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple)
22 The First Time I Was In Vienna
23 Our Love Goes Deeper Than This


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