Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Bright Eyes - Vienna, Austria 2005-03-04

"Three People (How To Love Me)"

Bright Eyes
Arena, Vienna, Austria

All credits: Niko Springstein
Source: Audience


01 At the Bottom of Everything
02 We are nowhere and it`s now
03 Old Soul song
04 Train Underwater
05 A scale, A mirror and those different clocks
06 Loose Leaves
07 Poison Oak
08 I Have To Belong Somewhere
09 Southern State
10 Method Acting
11 Landlocked Blues
12 Another Travellin` Blues
13 Encore
14 Lua
15 Band Intro
16 Padraic My Prince
17 Bowl Of Oranges
18 Road To Joy

Download Part 1

Download Part 2


  1. Any chance you could re-up this? The Prayer Boat - Joe`s Pub, NY - 2001-03-22
    Thanks Iano1 from

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  3. Thx for your blog, Iano, but this ep is down!