Monday, 22 June 2015

Joe City Garcia aka Urban Desert Cabaret - Berghausen, Austria 2015-06-13

Joe City Garcia (solo) feat. Son Of The Velvet Rat

"Find Some Moments"

@Doro`s Garden, Berghausen, Austria

Source: Sounboard - iRiver HP120
All credits: Niko Springstein

Total Time: 1:44:27

Set One:
01 Intro
02 You Ain`t Got No Blues
03 Intro
04 The Windy Voice
05 Among The Pines
06 Intro
07 Lonely Crowd
08 Bells Of Liberation
09 Intro
10 Into My Arms (Nick Cave)
11 Intro
12 Redemption Song (Bob Marley) (feat. Son Of The Velvet Rat)
13 Into
14 I Never Dreamed

Set Two:
15 Intro
16 Midnight Samba (Queen Of)
17 Intro
18 The State Of Insecurity
19 Intro
20 Valley Of Dry Bones (feat. Son Of The Velvet Rat)
21 Intro
22 Mia
23 Intro
24 Sometimes The Angels
25 Wouldn`t You Agree
26 Easy Come
27 Cauldron Soul
28 Intro
29 Radiant
30 You Can Go Home

Download Part 1

Download Part 2


  1. Amazing video!! I completely enjoyed their performances. I am glad that you shared this video here. I am also an aspiring singer and currently working in a live music nyc band. I am passionate about singing and want to do much better in future!

  2. Nice videos. Their performances were superb!! I have attended their music concerts at local event venues San Francisco. This is truly very talented band and it’s such a great pleasure to see their performances again. I wonder if you could share the download link for this video!!