Friday, 9 October 2015

Distance, Light And Sky - Zürich 2015-10-01


feat: Chris Eckman (guitars, vocals, laptop)
        Eric Thielemans (drums)
        Chantal Acda (vocals, guitars)

Bogen F, Zürich, Switzerland

Source: Zoom H6 (Matrix)
All credits: Niko Springstein

Total Time: 1h05min31sec

01 Still On The Loose
02 You Were Gone
03 Cold Summer Wood
04 This Place
05 Distance, Light & Sky (For Claus)
06 The Other Side (written by Chris Eckman for Dirtmusic 2008)
07 Drumsolo (Eric Thielemans)
08 Everything And Everyone (Chantal Acda)
09 Son
10 Riding Shotgun
11 Western Avenue
12 Encore
13 Souls

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