Saturday, 20 December 2014

The Wave Pictures & Stanley Brinks - Vienna, Austria 2014-12-04

The Wave Pictures & Stanley Brinks
Chelsea Bar, Vienna, Austria


David Tattersall - guitar, vocals
Franic Rozycki - bass, vocals
Jonny "Huddersfield" Helm - drums, vocals

Stanley Brinks (aka André Herman Düne)
Clemence Freschard (Freschard)

Guest Musician: David Beauchamp

Source: Matrix Recording
Zoom H6 (1 & 2: SB left and right channel, 3 & 4: Zoom XYH-6 Stereo Mic 90°)

All credits: Niko Springstein

Setlist: (THANKS Simmdale)

01 Tell Me Now (Daniel Johnston cover)
02 I Killed The Monster (Daniel Johnston cover)
03 Lisbon
04 My Life Is Starting Over Again (Daniel Johnston cover)
05 The Pharmacy Cross
06 Before This Day
07 Easy Listening (Daniel Johnston cover)
08 It's Got To Be Good (Daniel Johnston cover)
09 Narrow Lane
10 Hoping (Daniel Johnston cover)
11 Honey I Sure Miss You (Daniel Johnston cover)
12 Hotels And Motels
13 Better To Have Loved
14 In The City Centre
15 Pea Green Coat
16 Eskimo Kiss
17 Helen
18 Spaghetti
19 Encore
20 I Saw Your Hair Between The Trees (w/Freschard)
21 Orange Juice
22 Sinister Purpose (CCR cover)
23 Green River (CCR cover)


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